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March 18, 2018

how interesting. over 15 years a slave to nothing.


This blog created to help others use WP hosted blog

March 27, 2008

To insert an image from your own computer:
Put your blinking cursor where you want to put your photo within your text. I generally put it at the right or left end of a line, it makes for easier alignment. You will align your photo left, right, above, etc when you load it.

Now — scroll down a bit, outside of the Post window — to the blue line below this box.
Upload should be in a white box.
Now, click on Browse…
Your computer’s files will load into a new box and you can click around until you find your photo. I often put the photo I’m about to use on my desktop so I can find it easily.
Click on the photo and the file window disappears and you will be back to the Browse… area. Your computer’s address and that of the photo will now be in the box.
In the next box, Title, create something nice.
Then fill in Description. Now click UPLOAD
This will load your photo into your blog file. Now you get a new area with the photo’s title and some options. I like to use a thumbnail for most photos, unless I’ve cropped and scaled them. So, make sure Thumbnail and File are filled in, then “send to editor”Test photo for Helen

Your photo will be placed as above. A thumbnail image. To make text flow around the image, simply click on the image, then click on the little TREE icon in the Visual code selection area.
For now, just until you get used to this, simply click in the alignment box (-not set-) and select left or right. I think “left” sets up better most of the time, btw.

Once you have done all that, you can “grab” your photo and move it up and down, remembering that the alignment will always stay the same unless you change it.

Good luck. email me if  you need more help.